Narrative Collections

The collection of the commission includes memories, interviews and recordings. The memory data collection is organised in memory data bindings and other written material is found in the appendix folders. The digitised recordings are available to the Labour Archives customers.

The wide range of material covers important historical periods of Finland from independence and the years of the economic depression of the 1990s. Working life is covered in the work memoirs of different industrial and service sectors, as well as in the executor memoirs. Other themes include party memoirs, labour theatre and sport activities, co-operative activities, the social democratic women and sports movement, the trade union movement and everyday life and the environment.

The collections are mainly used by researchers, local historians, writers, script writers and genealogists. The collections allow you to examine the important periods of the past decades, folk tradition and changes in world views. Seven anthologies of the narrative material have been provided in the collection entitled ‘Suomen työväen henkinen perinne’ (spiritual tradition of Finnish workers).