We offer historical archives covering different areas from labour union movements to cultural organisations. The Labour Archives offers extensive collections of posters, photos, videos and recordings. We are located in Helsinki Sörnäinen. You can browse some of our material online as well. We are happy to help you!


Examine and browse our archive treasures. From our archives you will gain insight into history and people from the past. The archives contain information on labour movement organisations, other Finnish organisations and personal histories of individuals.

Memory data

Our collections allow you to go back in time and experience history as our protagonists have written it. The memory data is based on experiences and lives lived. The memory data is not age-dependent. The narrative collections include thousands of memoirs and interviews from different decades.

Price list

We provide photocopies, photos and remote loans, etc. of our material. Find more about our service prices here.


The photo collection includes photos of organisations, people and companies. The posters present elections, trade unions and cooperatives.