Sending the material

We are happy to receive new social material especially on labour movements. The material can include organisational and personal papers, photos, posters, electronic material and objects.

Smaller materials and batches can be easily delivered to our premises during opening hours. Delivery of bigger batches and their organisation should be agreed in advance. We are happy to help you with issues related to shipping, including safe packing and delivery methods. All material must be delivered to the Labour Archives. A common delivery book will be provided to the archives and the giving party. We will organise and index the material at the Labour Archives. We will deliver all objects received to the Werstas Labour Museum in Tampere.

The best archiver is the one who has been involved in gathering the material. You can improve your archive by organising and screening unnecessary documents before sending it to the archives. More detailed instructions are available from our Archives Guide. Contact us before you plan to give the material. This way we can agree on details with you.