Photos and posters in our archives

Our photo collection includes photos received from trade union movements, labour associations, cooperatives, labour papers and private persons. The oldest photos date back to the late 19th and early 20th century.

The photo collections show different areas of the social democratic labour movement, such as civil and organisational activities, trade union activities, organisations of women, the young and children, cultural and educational activities, art and music activities as well as industrial production processes. The photo collection includes nearly a million photos. Part of the collection is digitised.

The poster collection includes posters of the Social Democratic Party of Finland, the Labour Savings Bank of Finland, the Co-operative Union and trade unions. The poster collection includes tens of thousands of posters.

The digitised photos and posters of the Labour Archives are available online at The service gives you access to the labour, scientific, technical and social historical collections. A large part of the material was not previously available online.

You can order digitised photos from the Labour Archives and give feedback/correct information through the service.