What Has Happened to You?

Everyone can share their memory data with us. The material can include personal memoirs or an interview. The new material is organised as part of the memory data collection and will be in the Labour Archives for the use of researchers.

What memories should be included?

When you have decided what you want to share, write it up. It is important to note down your personal experiences, what you have seen and heard as accurately as possible. You can recall some individual events or write a broader personal life story. Tell us about your memories as you remember them and experienced them.

How should memory data be delivered?

Individual memories can be sent by e-mail as text files or by using snail mail. The delivery should include your personal information so that we can confirm receipt. When you want to deliver personal life scripts, photos, recordings or larger material packages, please contact the memory data staff to confirm the proper delivery method. When needed, a delivery book will be made to clear the user rights of the delivered material. We recommend that you provide some background information and data on the collector and subject with the memory data material. The principle of the Labour Memory Data Commission is not to pick up materials.

The Memory Data Officer is Pete Pesonen, phone: 09 – 7743 1170, e-mail: pete.pesonen(at)tyark.fi